Famille Hugel Grossi Laüe Riesling 2011

RP 91
WS 93

- +

Region: France | Alsace | Alsace
Bottle Size: 750ml
Grape: Riesling

Tasting Notes

The wine's colour is the young, fresh, pale green of pistachio nuts and spring lime-tree foliage with silver highlights; it has a wonderful intensity, an alert dynamic brilliance and significant legs. The bouquet is a clear, precise and frank statement of youthfulness with an agreeably perfumed fruity and floral expression of aroma which leaves an impression of healthy and juvenile freshness; there is also an elegantly subtle hint of minerality at first which will become more stated after a few years laid down. The aroma combines spring flowers, fern, almond tree and pistachio nuts, white peach, lemon grass with a hint of salt from the chalky mineral-rich soil. There is the notable signature of the great wine-making region which is typical to a Riesling. On the palate it is clearly a dry Riesling of the highest quality with a full, broad, juicy and strong structure, complimented with a wonderful astringency which adds length and character to the flavour. There is also a remarkably harmonious after-taste.
This is a wine which is fine for immediate consumption but which would benefit from a little patience to allow it to develop the specific regional qualities and minerality that will give it an added aroma of white piedmont truffle in 2 to 5 years. Can be laid down for 15 to 20 years.

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