Famille Hugel Estate Riesling 2012

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Region: France | Alsace | Alsace
Bottle Size: 750ml
Grape: Riesling

Tasting Notes

A dense, intense and attractive straw yellow colour with significant pale green highlights, a wonderful sheen and silvery sparkle with smooth and sophisticated legs.
The aroma is open, spontaneous, complicated, with the fleshy, expressiveness of ripe fruit, golden apples, apricot, peach, daffodil, freesia, and sweet almonds wonderfully rounded off with a harmonious mineral expression.
The palate is overwhelmed by the presentation, structure and harmony of its overall attack of the senses.
This is a dry, sophisticated and full-bodies wine with a strong character, full of flavour and joy, well stated its persistent mineral aroma is almost reassuring.
A wonderfully typical, easy to drink and authentic Riesling.

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